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Oliver Wood's Journal
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Date:2003-09-28 09:24

Oliver had been intent on going down to the "slumber party" the night previous, but he found himself sort of wary about it, and did in fact end up not going. It wasn't so much that he was afraid, or anything, he was just kind of confused.

After that kiss with Tonks, he really didn't know where they stood. Having given it time, he began to realize that yes, she was a very attractive woman, and only maybe two or three years older than him. He'd even found himself thinking about her a bit more than he thought about anyone or anything. Except for Quidditch, of course.

So he went out early that morning, skipping breakfast, and headed for the Quidditch Pitch. As the Flying Instructor, it was work for him to get all things Quidditch-related squared away, and he'd sort of neglected what they should do for the upcoming games and things of the like. But that had not been his intention in going out there this morning--he simply wanted to fly around some.

After mounting his broom, Wood kicked off and flew high into the sky, doing a few rounds about the Pitch before finally just slowing down and gazing at the sun casting its glow over the surface of the lake.

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Date:2003-09-23 18:22

It really had been surprising that Oliver had lasted this long at the school and hadn't yet been out to the Pitch in order for a good fly.

As the Flying Coach, he wasn't to really fly the brooms until later on. At least not yet, anyway. So after dinner, Wood decided to trot out to the slightly ignored field, wandering on into the shed and pulling out one of the brooms inside, along with the box that held the Quidditch balls in them.

He hadn't played Quidditch for years. It was almost...strange for him when he enchanted the Quaffle to try and shoot through the goal posts. Within minutes the old Keeper was back up in the air, playing his position as if he'd never even stopped. The faint breeze flushing over him, the setting sun shining wonderfully over the field...

Yes, Wood was quite happy. And he doubted anything at the moment could really stop it.

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Date:2003-09-17 17:28

Oliver had just finished eating an early dinner. He didn't often like eating when others did because it always seemed to take him ages to finish the meal. Truth was, he just talked a lot, so that was really the reason why.

Things had been going great for him as of late. No real issues with his teaching--the students were great listeners and some of them even asked him if he could teach them more later on. He was happy to, but that day wasn't today, so he was off for the evening. He chose to simply wander from the Great Hall to the library, not really sure what it was he intended to do.

Upon entering Oliver offered a greeting to Madam Pince, who only responded politely since he was a member of the staff now. She never liked him, because Wood would always make loud noises of frustration when he was working on homework in the library. It was just the way he was; not like he could change it.

He ended up near the section for Ancient Runes. It had always been his desire to take that class, but Oliver knew he'd never be able to do it. He had a hard time remembering his Scottish, let alone English. Taking on another nearly impossibly hard language would have just driven him down. But that didn't mean he couldn't enjoy the book.

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Date:2003-09-16 17:33

When Oliver had returned from the lessons of the day to his room, he was pleasantly greeted by his little kitten, who had now been named Ranis. She was a lovey little thing, rubbing up against him as he wandered further into his room to clean himself up in the shower before heading on down to dinner.

As with most of the professors of the school, Oliver ate at the staff table, but stayed a much shorter time than the others did. He eventually wandered out and into the main hall, fidgeting with the front of his robes. Wood really didn't have anything to do, so he decided to go for a stroll around the outside on the grounds.

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Date:2003-09-15 12:10

During the lunch break, Oliver decided to take a nice little stroll down to Hagrid's hut to see if he had any kittens left. Luckily there were a few, and the one he ended up getting, a female, was colored a dark grey, but the tips of her paws and tail were solid white. When he took her into the school and up to his office/chambers on the second floor, he lied down on the bed and let her just sort of grow used to the change in environment.

It was time to name the little thing, but no good title had come upon the ex-keeper just yet. While he did think of a few, he was fond of Ranis, as well as Violetta. Which of the two, he couldn't decide right off the bat, but it would be one or the other.

He'd eventually have to get back to work, trudging on down to the grounds for lessons. But that wasn't for another hour, or so. So, while his little kitten played, Wood rested on his bed, choosing to pass up lunch just this once.

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Date:2003-09-14 11:35

It wasn't until about ten o' clock that Oliver had woken up, choosing to take a shower, dress and eat before even considering tackling the cleaning of the broomshed and the locker rooms. He would have left it to the elves, but sometimes, they just didn't seem to check way out there, so Wood was left to do it. At least it was something to do.

When he crossed the grounds and arrived at the pitch, he wandered around the stands toward the northern end, the location of the Gryffindor and Slytherin locker rooms. The broomshed was close to there, so he just skipped right past them and headed for it.

Perhaps he should have asked for some company. This looked like it was going to take a really long time.

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